NBC 2012/13

News, Upfronts máj 13., 2012

Nové seriály: Chicago Fire, Do No Harm, Hannibal, Infamous, Revolution, 1600 Penn, Animal Practice, Go On, Guys with Kids, Next Caller (7 dielov), Save Me, The New Normal

Obnovené programy: 30 Rock, Betty White´s Off Their Rockers, Community, Dateline NBC, Football Night in America, Fashion Star, Grimm, Law & Order: SVU, The Office, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, Smash, Sunday Night Football, The Apprentice, Up All Night, Whitney, The Biggest Loser

Zrušené programy: Are You There Chelsea?, Awake, Bent, Best Friends Forever, Chuck, Free Agents, Harry´s Law, The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect, The Firm (iba na NBC), The Marriage Ref, Fear Factor, Minute To Win It, Who Do You Think You Are?, The Sing Off

Programová štruktúra:

20-22:00 The Voice
22-23:00 Revolution

20-22:00 The Voice
21:00-21:30 Go On
21:30-22:00 The New Normal
22-23:00 Parenthood

20:00-20:30 Animal Practice
20:30-21:00 Guys With Kids
21-22:00 Law & Order: SVU
22-23:00 Chicago Fire

20:00-20:30 30 Rock
20:30-21:00 Up All Night
21:00-21:30 The Office
21:30-22:00 Parks and Recreation
22-23:00 Rock Center With Brian Williams

20:00-20:30 Whitney
20:30-21:00 Community
21-22:00 Grimm
22-23:00 Dateline NBC

22-23:00 Do No Harm

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