Sľub som dodržal! Zostavil som zoznam použitých piesní v 2.sérii Joan of Arcadia (Joan z Arkádie). Už nemusíte neustále vyhľadávať v google, stačí len prezrieť si tento článok.


Úvodná zvučka: Joan Osborne – One of Us

2×01 – Only Connect

The Rosenbergs – Secret (Mission You)

Kara’s Flowers – The Never Saga (Fourth World)

Newsboys – Live in Stereo (Thrive)

Laurence Juber – Instrumental

Avril Lavigne – How Does It Feel (Under My Skin)

Beck – Guess I’m Doin’ Fine (Sea Change)

Avril Lavigne – Take Me Away (Under My Skin)

The Rosenbergs – Timewarp (Ameripop)

Ariel’s Worm – Holiday (Holiday)

Kara’s Flowers – Loving the Small Time (Fourth World)

Starfield – Tumbling After (Starfield)

Pillar – Rewind (Where Do We Go From Here?)

Nelly Furtado – Try (Folklore)

2×02 – Out of Sight

33 West – Price You Pay (So Far Off to a Bad Start)

Korn – Word Up (Greatest Hits Vol. 1)

Kool & The Gang – Celebration (20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection)

Lauren Hart – I Might Be

Move.Meant – Str8UpNDown

Jeff Lingle – Pink Lemonade

Ben Arnold – Zig Zag

Babatunde Olatuni – Long Distance Lover (Love Drum Talk)

Mutlu – Damage

KJ52 feat. DJ Morphiziz – Champion (Beatmart Recordings: Best of the Submissions)

Moxie – Light Up (Water Music Rough Mixes)

Jeff Lingle – Candles Are Lit

The Enablers – Can’t Be Long (Come Back Soon)

2×03 – Back to The Garden

Sister Someone – Don’t Call

Skillet – You Are My Hope (Alien Youth)

Stirling – A Minor Villain (Northern Light)

Dynamite Boy – Sky’s the Limit (Dynamite Boy)

The Few – Living in My Skin (The Few)

Trevor Morgan – Skin and Bones (Wonderlight)

Emmylou Harris – Every Grain of Sands (Wrecking Ball)

2×04 – The Cat

Nada Surf – Happy Kid (Let Go)

Move.Meant – The Rebirth

Jeff Lingle – Jumpin’ & Thumpin’

2 Minutes Hate – Shock (Let It Eat)

Peter Gabriel & Youssou N’Dour – Shaking The Tree (Shaking the Tree: 16 Golden Greats)

Parallax Project – Advantage (Oblivious)

Jeff Lingle – Scattered

Idaho – For Granted (Levity)

Doubting Paris – Good Intentions (Doubting Paris)

Dogwood Moon – If You Hear Me

2×05 – The Election

Stargazer Lily – Darlin’ You Need Me“, Young Professionals

Brandtson – Ain’t No Trip To Cleveland (Death + Taxes)

Maktub – You Can’t Hide (Khronos)

Anna Nalick – Breathe (2 am) (Wreck of the Day)

Omnisoul – Waiting (Happy Outside)

Essra Mohawk – Bizarro World (You’re Not Alone)

Nick Nolan – We Should Try Again

Avril Lavigne – My World (Let Go)

Patti Scialfa – Yesterday’s Child (23rd Street Lullaby)

2×06 – Wealth of Nations

The Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities (Discography – The Singles Collection)

Intercooler – Tea Ball (Goodness of the Girl)

Rust Belt – Smithereens (Rust Belt)

Atlas Plug – Get Rolled On (2 Days or Die)

Jude Crossen – Therapy

Martin Luther Lennon – Armageddon Surfer Girl (Rock On Escape to Paradox Island)

Libido – New Adiction

Morella’s Forest – Running (Tiny Lights of Heaven)

Stirling – I Came Late To The Party (Northern Light)

2×07 – P.O.V.

The Clean Prophets More Than Enough (The Clean Prophets)

David Loring – Shine

Peter Frampton – Show Me the Way (Frampton Comes Alive)

Karla Anderson – Waiting For Beautiful

Lexicon – Rock (Youth is Yours)

Sillan & Young – So Long Marie

DeeDee O’Malley – Sometimes

Zoe – Half As Good (Zoe)

Fiona Apple – Across the Universe (Pleasantville Soundtrack)

2×08 – Friday Night

Nick Nolan – Flying in Slow Motion

Lauren Hart – Words Like Water

Ben Arnold – House of Cards (Calico)

Jeffrey Lingle – By The Fire

Jorge Calderon & Jennifer Warnes – Keep Me In Your Heart (Enjoy Every Sandwich, Songs of Warren Zevon)

2×09 – No Future

Monkey King – Alien

Skillet – A Little More (Collide)

Skillet – Splinter (Skillet)

Move.Meant – Problems

Laurie Grossman – Found In Rob & Emily

Bruce Hornsby – Circus On The Moon (Halcyon Days)

2 Minutes Hate – Glide (Worm)

Planet Smashers – Change (Attack of the Planet Smashers)

Patty Griffin – The Kite Song (Impossible Dream)

Inca – Vientos del Sur (Vientos del Sur)

Jeffrey Lingle – Perfect Night

2×10 – Book of Questions

Charity Von – The Narrow (Charity Von)

Nick Nolan – Upside Down

Hush Hush – You’re Not My Man (Fake)

Goo Goo Dolls – Give a Little Bit (Live in Buffalo)

David Loring – Everything

2 Minutes Hate – And You Are (Let It Eat)

David Loring – Once in a While

2 Minutes Hate – Glide (Worm)

Daniel Indart – Sambastico (Hot Latin Tracks, Contemporary Vol. 1)

2×11 – Dive

Aderbat – Bye Bye (Rabbits and Rocks)

Mutlu – Running Away From You (Mutlu)

The Boneshakers – Compromise, Communicate (Shake the Planet)

Lelia Broussard – Secrets (Louisiana Soul)

Lauren Hart – Watch That Girl

Angela McCluskey – Know It All (Things We Do)

Nick Nolan – Remember Your Soul

Kasey Chambers – A Million Tears (Barricades & Brickwalls)

2×12 – Game Theory

Jaylene Johnson – Sit Awhile (Finding Beautiful)

Matt Mays – Downtown (Matt Mays)

Atlas Plug – Get Rolled On (2 Days or Die)

Ariel’s Worm – Waiting for the Sun (The Next Big Thing)

The Salads – Today is Your Lucky Day

Nathan Wiley – Old Familiar Things (High Low)

Crush – Excuse (Here)

Nathan Wiley – Bride On Fire (High Low)

REM – Everybody Hurts (Automatic for the People)

2×13 – Queen of the Zombies

The Salteens – Nice Day (Short-Term Memories)

Bob Dylan – I Shall Be Released (The Essential Bob Dylan)

The Rosenbergs – Paper & Plastic (Mission:You)

Tracy Spuehler – It’s the Sound (It’s the Sound)

2×14 – The Rise & Fall of Joan Girardi

Jaylene Johnson – Wonder (Finding Beautiful)

Finley Quaye – Overcome (Much More Than Love)

Mary Arden Collins – Free (Mary Arden Collins 2)

Lelia Broussard – Should Have Known (Louisiana Soul)

Mary Arden Collins – One More Day (Mary Arden Collins 2)

M-80 – Over (Put Down the BB Gun)

Nick Nolan – Everyone Stares

Stargazer Lily – Home (Young Professionals)

Marc Cohn – Walk Through the World (The Rainy Season)

2×15 – Romancing the Joan

Jon Ray Leslie – Steel

Karla Anderson – What Else Can I Do

Absinthe Academysite – Midnight (Absinthe Academy)

Solamingus – Return to the Classics (Jazzadelic)

Doubting Paris – Queen of the Radio (Doubting Paris)

Move.Meant – Git It Right

Amel Larrieux – Bravebird (Bravebird)

Liata – Non Lasciarmi Cosi (Sensations)

Carrie Horachek – Think About It (Out the Car Window)

2×16 – Independence Day

Rye – If It’s True (Doubting Paris)

U2 – Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)

Black Eyed Peas – Third Eye (Elephunk)

Lindy – Beautifully Undone (Suspension of Disbelief)

Crush – Dig This

David Loring – Too High

Jesus Alejandro – Siempre Mi Dices

Traci Lords – Whacha Gonna Do

2×17 – Shadows & Light

Mary Arden Collins – Alone (Alone with the B-Sides)

Essra Mohawk – Love is Still the Answer

Anna Nalick – Satellite (Wreck of the Day)

Chinua Hawk – Can’t Move On (The Beautiful Things)

Deb Pasternak – The Race (Home)

Chantal Kreviazuk – In This Life (What if it All Means Something)

2×18 – Secret Service

Rubber Side Down – Say Please (ZeroFighter)

A-Lexx – Go and Work It

Andrea England – Another Day (Lemonade)

2 Minutes Hate – Alligator (Let It Eat)

Jeanne French – Sixteen Tons (Mean Man Blues)

The Trews – Tired of Waiting (House of Ill Fame)

Poxy – I’m Sick of Being Home

Justifide – Breakaway (Life Outside the Toybox)

Kiddo – This Could Take Forever (Boompa, Vol. 1)

John Hiatt – Have a Little Faith in Me (Bring the Family)

2×19 – Trial & Error

Tim Burlingame – Ghost (Meeting Hall)

Traci Lords – You Burn Inside Of Me

Angeles Drake – Idle (I Wish You Would Come Home Already)

Universal Honey – Fearless (Fearless)

The Rosenbergs – Paper Or Plastic (Mission: You)

Jeffrey Lingle – Hymn #1

Carrie Horachek – Branded (Out the Car Window)

Kathrin Shorr – Where Were You

2×20 – Spring Cleaning

Michele Vice – Misery Agrees With Me

Ben Arnold – Deeper Truth (Calico)

Anna Nalick – Wreck of the Day (Wreck of the Day)

Move.Meant – Problems

Mary Arden Collins – Magic Child

Kris Delmhorst – Words Fail You (Five Stories)

Conscious Pilot – Breaking In

Pilate – Alright (Caught By The Window)

2×21 – Common Thread

Sekiden – Alexander (Love Songs for Robots)

Crud – All Used Up

The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For the Devil (40 Licks)

Jeremy Fisher – Let It Shine (Let It Shine)

Mike Corrado – Get By (Falling Awake)

Derek Webb – Reputation (I See Things Upside Down)

SIANspheric – To Myself (The Sound of the Colour of the Sun)

Pilate – Overrated (Caught by the Window)

2×22 – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Nick Nolan – I Hesitate

Dogwood Moon – It’ll Be Alright

Birdie Busch – Secret Hour (The Ways We Try)

Bruce Springsteen – Trapped (The Essential Bruce Springsteen)

Dogwood Moon – Butterfly

John Flynn – Angel Dawson (Dragon)

Jason Plumb – Can’t Believe (Under and Over)

Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning (Songs About Jane)



  1. evelin | august 12., 2007 o 11:25 |

    super teraz je to predom ;)

  2. Jeffo | júl 31., 2008 o 14:44 |

    Vdaka za nazvy no nemoze mi niekto povedat kde by sa dali vsetky stiahnut…?? napr. ako pack..

  3. Milly | august 3., 2008 o 16:30 |

    Ludia ja neviem, ale v 16 tej casti, Independence day, mi tam nejako chyba pesnicka, ktora isla ked spali spolu v karavane Joan a Adam… mmm..

  4. Milly | august 3., 2008 o 16:35 |

    Aaaha je tam:D pardoooon velmi sa ospravedlnujem :P

  5. Mery8 | august 6., 2008 o 11:31 |

    je to úplne super…:D Aspoň viem čo začať sťahovať…tá hudba je vynikajúca…Ďakujem za ten zoznam. ;)

  6. Milly | august 12., 2008 o 14:00 |

    Zdrawim, prosim,, vy ste nasli vzdy vsetky pesnicky?mna jedna fakt stve ktoru nie a nie najst Jeffrey Lingle – Perfect Night…Ak by ju niekto mal tak pls mejl

  7. Barbara | august 20., 2008 o 19:36 |

    mne sa tento serial az tak moc nepaci a ani V siednom nebi su to slabe serialy

  8. joangirardii | august 25., 2008 o 16:53 |

    supééér iesne v druhej seriio su pekne mne sa strasne lubila ta od nelly furtado try inak mam blog o joan :D

  9. apofis | august 30., 2008 o 14:19 |

    Barbara: to sa ani so seriálom V siedmom nebi nedá porovnávať. joan je úplne perfektný seriál a to ani nie som veriaci. to je na tom to skvelé. že je spravený pre každého. to sa o 7 heaven nedá povedať.

  10. apofis | august 30., 2008 o 14:25 |

    a nemá niekto info o tých muzikálových pesničkách z časti 2×13 – Queen of the Zombies? či sú to prevzaté alebo špeciálne spravené pre seriál? a či sa niekde nedajú zohnať..

  11. Monixa | október 16., 2009 o 11:45 |

    dakujem za tento zoznam :) chcem sa spýtať nevie niekto kde sa da pozriet/stiahnut 11čast z druhej serie?

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