Stále sa pýtate aká pieseň bola vtej, či onej časti. Teraz už nemusíte hľadať ani sa vypytovať, totiž prinášam vám zoznam použitých piesní v 1.sérii Joan z Arkádie. Čoskoro bude aj 2.séria!


Úvodná znelka: Joan Osborne – One Of Us


3 Doors Down – Kryptonite (The Better Life)

Sinead O’Connor – I Believe in You (Very Special Christmas 2)

Katy Rose – Overdrive (Overdrive)

Avril Lavigne – Tomorrow (Let Go)

David Loring – Run


White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Elephant)

AmyFairchild – Beautiful Secret (Mr. Heart)

Maren Ord – Perfect (Waiting)

Warren Zevon – Back In The High Life Again (Life’ll Kill Ya)


Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down (A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar)

Evan Olson – Not What I Wanted (Red)

The Donnas – Who Invited You? (Spend the Night)

Slick Shoes – Now’s the Time (Far From Nowhere)

Richard Ashcroft – God in the Numbers (Human Conditions)

The Like – (So I’ll Sit Here) Waiting


Mellowdrone – Beautiful Day (A Demonstration of Intellectual Property)

Rhett Miller – World Inside the World (The Instigator)

Nick Drake – Things Behind the Sun (Pink Moon)

Morella’s Forest – Gentle Go the Hours (Tiny Lights of Heaven)

Sherri Youngward – All Who Are Weary (Six Inches of Sky)

Pocket for Corduroy – Beautiful


Halo Friendlies – Over It (Get Real)

Reed Foehl – Am I Falling (Spark)

The Rosenbergs – Little Lie (Mission You)

Halo Friendlies – I’m All Eyes“, Get Real

The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1 (Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots)

Patti Scialfa – Love’s Glory (Rumble Doll)


Ali Handal – Convince Me (Dirty Little Secret)

Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea (The Legendary Bobby Darin)

Anna Waronker – Break My Heart

Juliana Theory – We’re at the Top of the World (Emotion is Dead)

Superchick – Not Done Yet (Karaoke Superstars)

The Strines – Beard (Dog Ger El)

Matt Nathanson – I Saw (Beneath These Fireworks)


David Loring – Don’t

Katy Rose – Lemon (Overdrive)

Ben Harper – Blessed to be a Witness (Diamonds on the Inside)


Joe Deveau – Hospital Bill (Take My Chances)

Moby – Natural Blues (Play)

Audio Adrenaline – Mighty Good Leader (Hit Parade)

Pocket For Corduroy – Made of Glass (Album, single unreleased)

Bryan Ferry – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Taxi)


Joan Jett – Time Has Come Today (The Hit List)

The Strines – I Want Something Else (Dog Ger El)

Kathrin Shorr – War (The Seed)


Ryan Adams – In My Time of Need (Heartbreaker)


Barenaked Ladies – Another Postcard – Everything to Everyone

Fountains of Wayne – Prom Theme (Utopia Parkway)

Reed Foehl – When It Comes Around (Spark)

R.E.M. – Bad Day (In Time: The Best of R.E.M.)

Macy Gray – When I See You (The Trouble With Being Myself)

The Donnas – Take It Off (Spend the Night)


Chantal Kreviazuk – Time (What if it all Means Something)

Fiona Apple – Across the Universe (Pleasantville Soundtrack)


Hennessey – Buddhamatic (Life on AM Radio)

Will Hoge – Be The One (Blackbird on a Lonely Wire)

Sam Roberts – Don’t Walk Away Eileen (We Were Born In A Flame)

Andrea Martin – Tell Me

Scarboro Aquarium Club – Sleeping Sound (Poisoned)

All-American Rejects – Don’t Leave Me (All-American Rejects)

Morcheeba feat. Big Daddy Kane – What’s Your Name (Parts of the Process)

Jewel – 2 Become 1 (0304)


Lauren Hart – Girl Keeps On (Girl Keeps On)

Michael Brandmeier – I’m Alright (Help Me) (Crazy World)

The Elms – Hey Hey (Big Surprise)

Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Fool (Under My Skin)

Dogwood Moon – Have a Little Faith in Me


Damien Rice – Older Chests


Enon – Shave (Hocus Pocus)

Matt Nathanson – Bent (Beneath These Fireworks)

Josh Rouse – Nothing Gives Me Pleasure (Under Cold Blue Stars)

DJ Maj – Street Credibility (Full Plates, Mixtape 002)

Raze – I Wish (The Plan)

Macy Gray – I Can’t Wait to Meetchu (On How Life Is)

Raze – UBU (Power)


4 Way Street – Maze (Pretzel Park)

Reed Foehl – Days Are Like (Spark)

Beck – It’s All in Your Mind (Sea Change)


Five for Fighting – 100 Years (The Battle for Everything)


Peter Himmelman – The Deepest Part (Unstoppable Forces)

Billy + The Lost Boys – Wake Up (Breaking Down The Barriers That Break Down Your Music)

The Lovelies – Constellation (Hot One)

Superchick- Alright (Karaoke Superstars)

Susie Tallman – Itsy Bitsy Spider (Classic Nursery Rhymes)

Howie Day – Collide (Stop All the World Now)


Fisher – Remind Me (Uppers and Downers)

Wilshire – Special (New Universe)

Bleu – Trust Me (Redhead)

Superchick – Get Up (Regeneration)

Ariel’s Worm – Holiday (The Next Big Thing)

Barbara Hall – Mystery (Album, single unreleased)

4 Way Street – Love and Hope (Pretzel Park)


David Wilcox – Fall Away (Into the Mystery)

Veal – I Hate Your Lipstick (Embattled Hearts)


Jule Plug – I Feel (Whatever You Wonder)

The Trews – Confessions (House of Ill Fame)

Los Lonely Boys -Heaven

Troy Gassaway – See You

Dakona – Good (Perfect Change)

Cyndi Lauper – La Vie en Rose (At Last)

ennie DeVoe – Bellamy (Does She Walk On Water)

Stevie – Hard Times


Lauren Hart – One Last Time (Painted Bride)

Zebrahead – Blur (Waste of MFZB)

Patti Scialfa – Stumbling To Bethlehem (23rd Street Lullaby)


  1. evelin | august 4., 2007 o 17:48 |

    jee super,no aj keď som niaku pesničku hľadala,ani len netuším v akej časti to bolo:D

  2. [email protected] | august 5., 2007 o 14:57 |

    Myslim ze teraz to je uz neskoro ,,,ale aj tak dakujem :)

  3. Lenka_T | august 16., 2007 o 16:04 |

    Jeee diky som rada že niekto sa s tým popypľal ale zínde sa to mooc :).

  4. joangirardii | august 25., 2008 o 16:51 |

    jejo supééééééééééééééééééééér :D dakujééém

  5. SKTomiko | október 26., 2008 o 17:44 |

    Toto je niečo úžastne dik za tie pesničky sú super a len tak ľahko ich nenájdeš fakt díky moc :)

  6. Sunflower | august 16., 2009 o 12:16 |

    super…..a ktora z nich je ta co sa nou zacina ??? ta je uplne naykrajsia ale nwm ako sa wola… tu ??

  7. Shawn | august 16., 2009 o 12:21 |

    Sunflower: Hádam, vieš čítať: „Úvodná znelka: Joan Osborne – One Of Us“

  8. andy | august 25., 2009 o 15:00 |

    ako sa vola ta pesnicka uvodna???

  9. andy | august 25., 2009 o 15:05 |

    Úvodná znelka: Joan Osborne – One Of Us

  10. Dafa | júl 22., 2010 o 20:50 |

    Uuuzasnee – dakujeeeeeem :))))

  11. maikl42 | júl 30., 2010 o 11:14 |

    chcem s aopitat na pesnicku ktora hra na zaciatku kazdej casti

  12. Shawn | júl 30., 2010 o 11:25 |

    maikl42: je to aj v článku a píšu to aj v komentároch… stačí si otvoriť oči…

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